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Virgoan At Work

10/05/2011 00:46


Virgo At Work

At work, the person who has a typical Virgo personality will exhibit the following characteristics.


Typical Behavior and Abilities
A typical Virgo at work:
* is best in a supporting role
* is meticulous and self-disciplined
* offers others a sense of stability
* is very helpful to other people
* can enjoy complicated, routine work
Virgo as Employer
A typical Virgo boss (male or female):
* is excellent as boss of a small company
* can see the details very clearly
* will call a spade a spade
* expects honesty in all matters
* is kindhearted, honest, and fair
* expects good grooming, good manners, and good habits
* can handle extremely complicated projects
* will reward good work with pay not perks
Virgo as Employee
A typical Virgo employee (male or female):
* is good in service work and research, rather than manufacturing
* will become an excellent assistant to the boss
* does good work and expects to be paid well
* is courteous, reliable, and thorough
* is quick-thinking, analytical, and intelligent
* will be cautious, critical, and methodical
Working Environment
The workplace of a typical Virgo man or woman:
* will not be noisy
* will have the most up-to-date equipment
* is best decorated with subtle, neutral colors
* is organized so that work can have a regular routine

Typical Occupations

Any occupation which enables the Virgoan to give service and handle complicated or difficult details will suit most Virgoans.



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